Most climate change discussions, from the news to international negotiations, focus on the problems regarding our emissions of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, etc…), which are the primary driver of climate change. Often these discussions focus on our current levels of emissions or how we can go about creating policy or inventing technologies that would reduce our emissions in this country and around the world. This is not what ClimatePrep.org covers.

ClimatePrep.org is about Adaptation. Roughly defined, climate change adaptation is a set of actions taken to reduce vulnerability to actual or expected changes in climate. This process involves both minimizing risks, such as those posed by sea level rise, and enabling systems at all levels (government, business, local communities, etc.) to become more resilient.

ClimatePrep.org aims to define climate change adaptation through illustrations of on-the-ground adaptation projects, explorations of adaptation concepts, and sharing lessons learned from work around the world.


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